Reiki Therapy Dublin

What is involved in a Reiki Therapy Session?

A session normally takes about 60mins. At the first session the therapist will discuss the reasons for the client’s visit and describe how the session is structured. During further sessions a brief discussion takes place to see how the client had been feeling before beginning the next session.

At all times the client will remain fully clothed being asked to remove only foot wear and jewellery. Generally the client will lay on a massage table but the therapy can also been performed sitting. Using the massage table is recommended as it helps the client relax.

Using a series of Reiki hand movements the practitioner can apply a light touch or be completely hands-off where the hands hover slight about the body depending on the client’s preference. During these hand movements the therapist acts as a channel for the cosmic energy to flow through their hands and into the client’s energy field. This new energy helps remove blockages and initiate the body’s nature healing abilities

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